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  • 183_Sasha Auerbakh/Cecilie Norgaard_EURYDICE_2017_C_Sasha Auerbakh/Cecilie Norgaard Sasha Auerbakh/Cecilie Norgaard, EURYDICE, 2017 © Sasha Auerbakh/Cecilie Norgaard
  • 183_Jelena Micić_Molotow Party_2018_C_Jelena Micić Jelena Micić, Molotovv Party, 2018 © Jelena Micić
  • 183_Jelena Micić_Where is the fish_2015_C_Jelena Micić Jelena Micić, Where is the fish, 2015 © Jelena Micić
  • 183_Florian Mayr_ON THE SURFACE IT‘S ALL ILLUSION_2015_C_Florian Mayr Florian Mayr, ON THE SURFACE IT‘S ALL ILLUSION, 2015 © Florian Mayr
  • 183_Žarko Aleksić_Exhibition for a Single Viewer_2015_C_Žarko Aleksić Žarko Aleksić, Exhibition for a Single Viewer, 2015 © Žarko Aleksić

Aquarium is a space at the Sculpture department of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, opened for use several years ago. Named after its glass entrance, this multi-purpose space hosted more than hundred exhibitions by former and current students at Kurzbauergasse 9. Over the years it was used as working space, for solo and group exhibitions, as well as for presentation during Eyes On and Vienna Contemporary.

In 2017 several students from the sculpture and photography class started the archive of the photo documentation including collected installation shots from Aquarium, later developed in collaboration with the University Library.

The project is an exclusive temporary presentation of the archive, putting in focus the process of collecting, archiving and display of digital objects. It could be understood as an open platform, with possibility of incorporating additional material, and also as a potential study material organized around the mapping of the space, and its different usages.

Ausstellungsdauer: 22.03. – 30.03.2019
Eröffnung: 21.03.2019, 19:00 Uhr

KuratorInnen: Žarko Aleksić, Andreas Ferus, Jennifer Gelardo, Jelena Micić
Teilnehmende KünstlerInnen: Studierende an der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien

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