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  • Klaus Pichler_Piece of Evidence No 42_2020_C_Klaus Pichler.jpg Klaus Pichler, Piece of Evidence No.42, 2020 © Klaus Pichler

The festival FOTO WIEN 2021 takes place from 10 - 28 March 2021.

The Festival FOTO WIEN in its first edition 2019 was enthusiastically received by about 75,000 visitors. FOTO WIEN continues its ambitious programme in spring 2021 and once again puts the medium of photography in the centre of attention.

FOTO WIEN 2021 organises exhibitions, panel discussions and artist talks with national and international experts, an extensive education programme with guided tours and workshops, portfolio reviews, a Photobook Market and FOTO Awards. These programmes take place at the numerous programme partners and at the FOTO WIEN festival headquarters (location TBA).

Information about the call can be found here. Stay informed about activities via the FOTO WIEN newsletter!

Two thematic areas form the main focus of FOTO WIEN 2021:

Focus on female photographers In recent years a series of campaigns, open letters, lectures and discussion events, publications, exhibitions and studies have contributed to addressing the gender imbalance in art and photography. FOTO WIEN aims to highlight the outstanding work of female photographers from the invention of the medium in the 19th century to the present day and to contribute to making these achievements visible so that the diverse photographic oeuvre of women can find its way into museums and art history.

Rethinking Nature / Rethinking Landscape Photography plays a key role in the perception of nature. Many artists contribute to the understanding of the current environmental situation; they illuminate the often problematic relationship between man and nature, point out grievances and make the effects of man-made global environmental change visually perceptible. FOTO WIEN wants to draw attention to the potential of photography: we can use the power of images to stimulate a rethinking and to achieve a sustainable way of life.