Open Call

FOTO WIEN in cooperation with OstLicht. Galerie für Fotografie invites photographers, artists and publishers to submit photobooks published 2019–2021 for the festival’s photobook exhibition and Photobook Award 2021. The best photobooks of the last two years – ranging from books by established publishing houses to self-published titles, handmade book dummies, or zines – will be presented at FOTO WIEN. From among all submissions outstanding publications will be selected for the festival’s photobook exhibition, which will be on display at the FOTO WIEN festival headquarters from 10 to 28 March 2021.

Submissions until 8 January 2021


Would you like to be part of an international exhibition project and show your work at three European photo festivals? FOTO WIEN together with Mois européen de la photographie Luxembourg and IMAGO LISBOA invites artists to submit their photographic work in our open call for Slide Show: Rethinking Nature. The selected photographic works will be arranged into an audio-visual slide show, which will be set to music by musicians. Slide Show: Rethinking Nature will be first presented during FOTO WIEN 2021, and will be screened several times over the course of the festival. Further screenings will take place at the photo festival EMOP LUX in spring 2021, and the photo festival IMAGO LISBOA in autumn 2021.

On the topic of “Rethinking Nature”

Ever since his invention, photography has played a defining role in the representation and perception of nature and landscape. In the face of climate crisis and a changing relationship between nature and humankind, an increasing number of artists have engaged with these issues in recent years. Slide Show: Rethinking Nature illustrates the broad spectrum of approaches taken by international contemporary artists, and brings together diverse photographic perspectives on this globally important topic.

Submissions until 10 January 2021