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    Bildraum 01
  • 301_Jana Straßer_Augenblick_2018_C_Jana Straßer.jpg Jana Straßer, Augenblick!, 2018 © Jana Straßer
  • 301_Rosa John_Collage/Skizze_aus der Serie: Weltinnenraum_2016 (ongoing)_C_Rosa John.jpg Rosa John, Collage/Skizze, aus der Serie: Weltinnenraum, 2016 (ongoing) © Rosa John
  • 301_Friedl Kubelka_Schule für künstlerische Photographie 2000_01_C_Friedl Kubelka_Bildrecht Wien 2018.jpg Friedl Kubelka, Schule für künstlerische Photographie, 2000/01 © Friedl Kubelka, Bildrecht Wien 2018
  • 301_Barbara Probst_Exposure 99_2012_C_Barbara Probst_Bildrecht Wien 2018_Courtesy Galerie Kuckei+Kuckei Berlin.jpg Barbara Probst, Exposure #99: N.Y.C., 401 Broadway, 02.17.12, 6:38 p.m., 2012 © Barbara Probst, Bildrecht Wien 2018, Courtesy: Galerie Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin

A cooperation of Bildrecht and Schule Friedl Kubelka für künstlerische Photographie, Vienna

"I want to give my eyes something to see that doesn't exist otherwise!" says Friedl Kubelka, focusing on her own identity, her circle of friends and family, and encounters with strangers. Kubelka expands her photographic perspective by combining individual images with others. Rosa John deals with the history of the camera, with metaphors for it, and reflects on questions of image formation. "Each image is an attempt to capture something, and at the same time something completely new emerges with each image. What I create is an addition to the world rather than an imprint". Barbara Probst’s pictures show a kaleidoscope of perspectives on a chosen situation: the ambivalence of a constellation in which each individual picture represents only one possible outcome. Photographed simultaneously from varying angles, the scenery suggests completely different interpretations. Jana Straßer’s work brings the movements of the photographic act into the picture.

Exhibition run: 15.03. – 26.04.2019
Opening: 14.03.2019, 7 p.m.

Curators: Mirjam Angerer-Geier, Anja Manfredi
Participating artists: Friedl Kubelka, Rosa John, Barbara Probst, Jana Straßer

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