Sequences of Truth and Deception

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    Festivalzentrale: Atelier Augarten


Vanja Bučan’s works toy with opposites such as truth and deception. The artist’s own landscape photographs are the starting point for her series Sequences of Truth and Deception (ˈkaməflɑːʒ ), which looks at the ambivalent relationship between human beings and nature. Inspired by the still lifes and unconventional arrangements of the Surrealists and Dadaists, Bučan constructs her image motifs in the studio, altering and alienating the relationship between objects, plants, animals, and people. Here landscape photography acts as an instrument of deception. Bučan uses photography itself as an object, which in turn lends spatial depth to her works. Indeed, photography becomes a stage for human existence and intervention. With their complex sym- bolic language, the compositions allow all manner of ambiguous interpretations. Bučan’s staged pro- ductions deconstruct and fictionalise reality, thereby reflecting the genre’s claim to objectivity and the reality content of photographic representation.

Vanja Bučan

1 Festivalzentrale: Atelier Augarten
Scherzergasse 1A, 1020

Exhibition Duration
09 – 27 March 2022
daily 11:00– 19:00

09. March, 17:00