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    Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien/Expositur Paulusplatz
  • NiñaLilliLerch_when i tried to impress and befriend fungus for a whole weekend_2019_NiñaLilliLerch.jpg Niña Lilli Lerch, when i tried to impress and befriend fungus for a whole weekend, 2019 © Niña Lilli Lerch
  • ThomasSteineder_Algorithmic_Walking_2019_ThomasSteineder.jpg Thomas Steineder, Algorithmic Walking, 2019 © Thomas Steineder
  • RaphaelReichl_Cascarones enarenados (mit Sand bedeckte Eierschalen)_2021_RaphaelReichl.jpg Raphael Reichl, Cascarones enarenados (mit Sand bedeckte Eierschalen), 2021© Raphael Reichl
  • MikiOkamura_ListederLandschaft_2021_MikiOkamura.jpg Miki Okamura, Liste der Landschaft, 2021 © Miki Okamura
  • KonstantinLeitner_WaldWien_2021_KonstantinLeitner.jpg Konstantin Leitner, WaldWien, 2021 © Konstantin Leitner, 2021

How do we define landscape? What do we see in it? The attempt to orient oneself in the world led students out of their own four walls. Processes of decay, botanical and urbanistic experimental arrangements as well as sites of Austrian commemorative culture come into view - as does walking as an artistic process.

Artists: Rosa Andraschek, Ivana Lazic, Konstantin Leitner, Niña Lilli Lerch, Miki Okamura, Raphael Reichl, Thomas Steineder & Michael Plessl

Curator: Tsai-Ju Wu

19 Universität für angewandten Kunst Wien / Expositur Paulusplatz
Paulusplatz 5, 1030 Wien

Exhibition Duration

9 – 18 Mar 2022

Mon – Fri 16:00 – 20:00


Mar 8, 2022, 19:00 - 22:00